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Working together towards a more sustainable future

LPR works every day to create a more virtuous and responsible world. Find out how our customers benefit from our unique DNA.

Our business

LPR - La Palette Rouge was founded in France in 1992 and specialises in the management and rental of pallets for food manufacturers and European distributors. With over 25 years' experience and a unique personalised approach, LPR is now the European expert in pallet pooling.


What we do


Key figures

Thanks to a European pallet pool, an innovative pooling system and numerous partnerships, LPR is now the European specialist in pallet rental and management.

Groupe 959

LPR - La Palette Rouge has an annual turnover of € 329 million

Groupe 972
Collection points

32,000 collection points (partner retailers) across Europe

people 2

352 people are involved in the management of thousands of flows across Europe every day

european map
European coverage

More than 135 service centres: sorting, inspecting and repairing our pallets in 15 countries

kantoor-workshop Euro Pool System-6081

Creating the supply chain of tomorrow is a major challenge. Here are the projects we are working on to optimise the supply chain on a daily basis.


Innovating and reinventing the supply chain

We work with large volumes of data to optimise our circular service and our customers' supply chains. We are constantly looking for intelligent solutions and new opportunities to best meet the most complex logistics challenges.

Research and development at LPR

Protect your supply chain and your employees

Safety is a primary concern for LPR, particularly the protection of goods and people throughout the supply chain. It is thanks to a clear understanding of our customers' challenges that we can offer a service perfectly aligned to their logistic environment.

Security and safety at LPR

Creating a more sustainable supply chain for all

At LPR, we aim to reconcile efficiency and sustainable development. By working hand in hand with our customers, we are able to make the supply chain more responsible.

Sustainable development at LPR
20% CO2

By working together, we will achieve our goal of reducing our CO2 emissions per movement by 20% by 2025.

kantoor-workshop Euro Pool System-6645

LPR - La Palette Rouge relies on its values and the determination of its teams to make the supply chain of tomorrow more sustainable, efficient and circular.

Working at LPR


Smart : make complex feel simple

At LPR, we act swiftly, while constantly looking for the most efficient and simple way to achieve our goal. We work hard every day to save our customers time and to make their lives easier.


Expert : deliver quality in every detail

Our comprehensive understanding of the issues and challenges faced by our customers allows us to tailor our solutions and services to each situation and consistently deliver the best possible service.


Commited : together we make it work

Our comprehensive understanding of the issues and challenges faced by our customers allows us to tailor our solutions and services to each situation and consistently deliver the best possible service.


Agile : act and adapt swiftly

We adapt to our customers' unforeseen cirumstances and obstacles in order to guarantee the continuity of their activity whatever the circumstances. We make a point of promoting agility in the way we work.


Inventive : always find better ways

By venturing off the beaten track, we help you step into the future and prepare for any eventuality.

Our history

For 25 years LPR - La Palette Rouge has been serving companies looking to optimise their supply chain. Let's look back on two decades of caring for our customers.

  • 1992

    Company founded in Toulouse (FR)

    Our story begins in the south west of France almost 30 years ago. Initially, LPR focused on several industrial sectors: chemicals, pharmaceuticals, components, etc.

  • 1997

    The beginning of a great adventure

    Nestle Waters entrusted us with the management of its entire supply chain. This was a great mark of confidence on the part of the Swiss giant, and a relationship which we have strengthened over the years. For LPR, this was an opportunity to learn how to meet the highest standards demanded by large businesses.

  • 1998

    Creation of the European network

    LPR - La Palette Rouge began to extend its network to other European countries: its first subsidiary was established in the Netherlands, followed closely by Spain in 1999 and Portugal in 2000. This was the beginning of the European adventure that enables us to follow our customers all over Europe today!

  • 2004

    The adventure continued across the Channel

    2004 was a very important year for LPR: it was the year in which we exceeded €100 million in turnover. As evidence of our growing business development, we also signed a major contract with Kimberley Clark in the UK. This date also marks the beginning of LPR's presence in new countries: Germany, Italy...

  • 2010

    A rewarding commitment to the future

    in 2010, LPR was the first pallet pooling business to obtain PEFC certification, which rewards companies committed to sustainable forest management. This achievement is a great source of pride at LPR, it proves to our customer that by choosing us they are also choosing to take part in the creation of the responsible supply chain of tomorrow. 

  • 2011

    LPR became a division of Euro Pool Group

    We are acquired by Euro Pool Group, the leader in reusable packaging in Europe. This acquisition enabled LPR to expand its presence on the continent, increase its teams, and benefit from greater resources to innovate and develop new solutions.

  • 2015

    LPR received its first ECOVADIS medal

    EVOVADIS awarded the Gold Advanced medal to LPR for the quality of its CSR management system and its commitment to reducing the environmental impact to its entire supply chain.

  • 2019

    Deployment in Central and Eastern Europa (CEE)

    After four years of success in Poland, LPR demonstrated its commitment to continuing to develop in Eastern Europa, enabling us to go further to be near to our customers.

kantoor-workshop Euro Pool System-6257

In a sector that is constantly evolving, LPR is always looking for motivated and ambitious candidates. Join the LPR team and play your part in building a more sustainable supply chain.

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Management team

  • Gerjo Scheringa (CEO Euro Pool Group)

  • Jean-Luc Guénard (Managing Director LPR)

  • Hervé Siehr (Finance Director)

  • Rassan Benhacene (Supply Chain Manager LPR)

  • Patrick Sigwalt (IS Manager LPR)

  • Adrian Fleming (Regional Manager United Kingdom & Ireland)

  • Erik Langendam (Regional Manager Benelux & DACH countries)

  • Javier Dominguez Herrera (Regional Manager South)

  • Vacancy (Regional Manager France)

About Euro Pool Group

Together with Euro Pool Systems (EPS), La Palette Rouge (LPR) is part of the Euro Pool Group (EPG). EPG is the European leader in standard reusable packaging. Every day, producers, transporters, processors and distributors benefit from the advantages of reusable bins and pallets. By exchanging know-how, experience and ideas between the two entities of the group and with our customers, we create a dynamic of innovation and synergy throughout the supply chain.

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