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Download our guide and learn how to choose a reliable pallet supplier

Without pallets to transport your goods, your supply chain grinds to a halt. How can you make sure you’ll never be in that critical situation? LPR explains everything in this guide!

Mockup How to choose a reliable pallet supplier

What will you learn in this guide?

In this guide you’ll discover that not all pallet suppliers offer their customers the same guarantees. This concerns both the availability and the quality of the resources needed for the proper logistical management of their pallet pool.


How to properly define your pallet needs

Composition, weight, calibration, moisture content or maximum load are all elements to be taken into account when you choose your pallets.

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Things to consider when choosing a supplier

Afraid of making the wrong choice when the time comes? In our guide, you’ll find our advice on how to assess a potential supplier based on the services offered, the quality of its products and its customer service.

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What differentiates good pallets from bad ones

When you’re not a pallet rental and management expert, it can be difficult to understand the differences in quality between different pallets. Find our advice in the guide.

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How pallet pooling guarantees your supply chain continuity

Our pallet pooling service makes sure our customers always receive the pallets they need for their logistics activities. Find out how resource circularity improves availability in our guide.

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  • How to accurately identify your supply chain pallet needs
  • How to make the right choice between two suppliers and identify a trusted partner
  • How pallet pooling can solve pallet availability issues


Like Sofidel, have the pallets you need at the right time

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic health crisis, Sofidel was able to overcome a logistics crisis and a significant increase in demand for its products by calling on LPR's flexibility, availability and expertise.


Ready to forget pallet shortages?

We would be happy to help your company anticipate a potential increase in production and pallet demand.

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