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Lactogal delivers its products in Red in Portugal

Flavio Guerreiro published on 24 June 2019

LPR – La Palette Rouge Portugal, a division of Euro Pool Group, has signed an exclusive contract to supply pallet pooling services to Lactogal, a Portuguese agri-food company specialising in dairy products and associated products. Its extensive portfolio of fruit juice, mineral water and dairy product brands caters to both the Spanish and Portuguese markets. By the end of the five-year contract, the total number of pallets delivered could reach 8.5 million.Since 1 April, LPR Portugal has been the exclusive pallet pooling service provider to Lactogal. The deal is expected to see 8.5 million pallets delivered in Portugal and Spain. Lactogal has six plants on the Iberian Peninsula that produce its chief milk and dairy brands: Agros, Mimosa, Adagio, Castelões, Matinal, Vigor, and Milhafre dos Açores. The factories also manufacture branded mineral water and fruit juice products. Lactogal is a conglomerate comprising three Portuguese companies, namely Lactogal Produtos Alimentares, Lacticínios Vigor, and Etanor Penha, as well as the Spanish Leche Celta acquired in 2006. Lactogal’s mission is to help people feel good in their daily lives by offering products, including milk, for a natural and balanced diet.

“Plant organisation, advanced technological systems and people – with their competence, skills and expertise, are the three main pillars of a logistics operation in the agri-food sector. The demands of the modern market, where sustainability is an essential requirement means that we establish partnerships at each step so that we always provide the best service to our customers. As a business partner, LPR inspires confidence, and we certainly look forward to excellent service from LPR at all stages of the logistics supply chain,” – José Raimundo, Lactogal's logistics director

LPR Portugal’s overall quality of service owes some of its reputation to the quality of the automated procedures in the pallet handling and storage process, as well as its customer relationship management practices.

Flávio Guerreiro, Country Manager of LPR Portugal said “We are pleased to announce this deal with Lactogal. Lactogal has demonstrated its confidence in LPR Portugal’s ability to deliver. Our team is very aware of the responsibility entrusted to it. We are conscious that a contract of this size will present its own particular challenges, but ones we look forward to tackling!”.

This partnership with Lactogal demontrates that LPR Portugal’s continued efforts to include major companies across various sectors as its customers. This is a result of work the company has already done to ensure that responsive communication and solid customer support are the hallmarks of its human approach to the market. LPR continues to add value as a sustainable link in the supply chain. The announcement of the deal with Lactogal forms part of LPR Portugal’s business strategy: With 6,000 collection points and eight logistics warehouses ensuring the movement and maintenance of more than two million pallets in daily circulation in mainland Portugal and its islands, Madeira and the Azores, LPR Portugal proves its expertise as a specialist in consumer goods handling, with the ability to adapt continuously to customer requirements. Its chief focus remains hassle free pallet management and the simplicity in the management of pallet pooling services.

About LPR - La Palette Rouge

LPR-La Palette Rouge, a division of Euro Pool Group, is a pallet-pooling company for manufacturers and distributors in the fast-moving consumer goods sector. LPR provides a full pallet service solution to its customers in the manufacturing, distribution and logistics sectors and their retail partners. www.lpr.eu

About Euro Pool Group

Euro Pool Group consists of Euro Pool System and LPR-La Palette Rouge. Two divisions, each with its own history and own expertise in the area of packaging pooling. While Euro Pool System, with its reusable trays and folding crates, has become the standard in the European chain for fresh and packaged food, LPR with its innovative pooling systems for pallets has assumed a leading position in the FMCG sector.

By using and sharing trays and pallets as circular logistic carriers, we help our customers to reduce their environmental impact and make their supply chain more efficient. Each and every day producers, transporters, processing companies and retailers benefit from the advantages of our reusable pallets. In close collaboration with our stakeholders we contribute to the transition towards a circular economy by sharing the benefits of our reusable packaging solutions across the supply chain. www.europoolgroup.com


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