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LPR reinforces its network with a new generation of depot in Lisbon.

Hugo Silva published on 28 January 2019

LPR- La Palette Rouge, the European Pallet Pooler, has opened its new depot generation in Lisbon. In accordance with their continuous improvement and customer proximity, this new depot includes high standard technics for pallets treatment.LPR - La Palette Rouge in Portugal, raised the bar in terms of the quality and services it provides to domestic customers when it opened its new warehouse in Alverca in March 2018. The company’s newest covered warehouse in Portugal is physical proof of its concerted effort to improve service to the market by enhancing its operational capacity. With this first-hand processes, it gives a practical slant to the way the Alverca warehouse has increased quality standards beyond the admittedly high levels LPR already achieves, and to see why it has become the Group benchmark across Europe as far as the three elements of quality, service and innovation are concerned.

“Here at the Alverca covered warehouse, as is the case at our other collection centres, we have managed to offer a service of excellence to our clients and partners across the country. We’re very pleased that this depot has received recognition from the Group as its best in Europe and that this mark of distinction has motivated our colleagues from all countries where LPR has a presence to visit us so that they can see for themselves details of warehouse operations here – details which we believe can be replicated in other LPR markets in Europe,” said Hugo Silva, Supply Chain Manager, LPR Portugal.

According to François Gay, LPR European Supply Chain Director, “it was an excellent opportunity for knowledge sharing and networking. It is a source of great pride, but also a huge responsibility to know that we have raised the bar even higher now – something which I am sure the LPR Portugal team is going to try and do again”.

It is worth noting that at the Alverca collection depot, incoming pallets are subject to a rigorous inspection process : such thorough maintenance means that each component part is carefully examined, and replaced where necessary, then painted, and chamber-dried to ensure the performance expected from an LPR pallet at all times.

The Alverca depot has given LPR Portugal around 18,000 sq.m. of additional storage, the capacity to sort some 30,000 pallets per day, and the ability to accommodate greater throughput at short notice.

With 6,000 collection points and eight logistics warehouses ensuring the movement and maintenance of 1.5 million pallets in daily circulation in mainland Portugal and its islands, Madeira and the Azores, LPR Portugal markets itself as a specialist in consumer goods handling, with the ability to adapt continuously to customer requirements concerning straightforward pallet management as well as the management of pallet pooling services.

About LPR - La Palette Rouge

LPR-La Palette Rouge, a division of Euro Pool Group, is a pallet-pooling company for manufacturers and distributors in the fast-moving consumer goods sector. LPR provides a full pallet service solution to its customers in the manufacturing, distribution and logistics sectors and their retail partners. www.lpr.eu

About Euro Pool Group

By using and sharing trays and pallets as circular logistic carriers, we help our customers to reduce their environmental impact and make their supply chain more efficient. Each and every day producers, transporters, processing companies and retailers benefit from the advantages of our reusable pallets. In close collaboration with our stakeholders we contribute to the transition towards a circular economy by sharing the benefits of our reusable packaging solutions across the supply chain”. www.europoolgroup.com

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