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Pallets, the key to a cost effective supply chain

Thomas Longeagne published on 27 October 2021

Your pallets deserve more attention. Just like logistics support, they play a key role in optimising your supply chain. From production to delivery, transport to storage, your pallet management should receive the same level of attention you give to your wider supply chain.

An optimal pallet management system saves you time and money.

Time is money. Time and money are two limited resources essential to the smooth running of your business. When it comes to optimising your supply chain management, choosing the right pallets can save you both.

Saving time in pallet management

Would you move boxes or packages one by one? No, of course you wouldn’t. Moving items in large quantities is more efficient, saving time and money. By loading your products onto a pallet, you can move several hundred kilos of boxes at a time – but you need to choose the right pallet for the job. So…

  • What is the right pallet for my business?

Simply put, the correct pallet is the one that will reduce the loading and unloading time of your products. Efficient loading and unloading also offers the benefit of more efficient planning. Getting this right lets you focus on other tasks.

To select the right pallet, you need to make sure that it is capable of meeting your needs. Material, dimensions, load rating…each criteria counts.

You’ll need to consider what the requirements of your customers are. It may be that they will only accept a specific pallet type, material or specification. Therefore aligning your selection will mean your goods will not be held up at delivery – and will reduce any risk of refused delivery – or any financial penalties..

Choosing the right pallets can save you money!

Using the right pallet management system can save you money almost immediately. A well-managed pallet pool contributes to lower storage costs. Optimised storage of your products on wooden pallets, combined with optimised loading, makes your supply chain financially efficient too. As we said earlier, time is money - and so is space. Optimise your space by using the correct pallets for the job – do you need specialist pallets or those with a specific moisture level? Getting this right will remove the risk of damaged products, which obviously comes with a cost.

Selecting the correct pallet configuration can also help you to save money – especially when you consider your haulage requirements. Using a pallet configuration in line with your preferred haulier will mean that you can maximise delivery space too.

There are a number of configurations and sizes available in pallet pooling – so you can be sure to find the right one for your business. For example, some retailers will specify a half pallet. It may be that this pallet specification request is non-negotiable, essential as a final mile solution perhaps. . Ignoring this request and continuing to use a traditional Euro pallet could lead to you losing this customer.

Using the right pallet pooler can improve the efficiency of your business

Using a good quality pallet enhances the likelihood of your delivered product arriving in good condition. If you are using the wrong pallets, you risk damaged products and/or packaging. Pallets can improve the cost effectiveness of your supply chain. Both you and your customer benefit by using a good quality product.

Choosing and managing your pallets to maximise quality.

Choosing the cheapest available pallet could lead to you seeing additional costs in your supply chain. A single-use plastic pallet could work in the short-term for your business, but what is the real economic cost in the long run? Investing in the best pallets for transportation, just like you would with any other resource makes sense. You need to consider the requirements of both your business and your supply chain partners when making your selection.

Understanding what each of your partners expect in advance is imperative. You should ensure that you are using a pallet pooler who offers the right quality pallet whilst proactively helping you to optimise your supply chain.

Choose and manage your pallets to maximise safety.

When it comes to building a cost effective supply chain, choosing pallets that are good quality also offers safety benefits too. Using pallets configured and proven to work in your systems and storage will provide safer working conditions for your team too.

Pallet pooling, the key to a cost effective supply chain

Choose the right pallet pooler for a more efficient supply chain.

The ideal pallet offers cost saving benefits, as well as reducing the administrative load for your business and supply chain partners.. Time, money, quality, and safety are all criteria which need to be taken into account. World class pallet management and efficient logistics management begin with choosing the right supplier. Your pallet supplier should be solid and reliable but be agile enough to support your business. Before choosing your pallet pooler, ask yourself this key question:

  • Does this supplier have the required resources and skills to offer me a management system that meets my needs?

You should consider quality, responsiveness, availability, and price. Check the supplier's ability to deliver the right pallet to the right place, at the right time. What is the use of the best pallets if they are not available when you need them?

Banking on pallet rental for an efficient supply chain

Given the complexity and changing needs of FMCG businesses, optimising your supply chain requires a flexible pallet pooler. You should also consider the quality of customer service provided and the use of technology to monitor your pallets. LPR is a pallet pooling or pallet rental-management company and operates across the supply chain – and across Europe.

Are you looking for a pallet management system, capable of making your supply chain more cost effective? Optimise your supply chain through LPR’s pallet pool to transport your products. Contact us to see how we can help.

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