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Why stop using
white pallets?

Cost optimisation, supply chain fluidity, improved warehouse security or environmental protection, discover how our red pallets alleviate your supply chain problems.

Problems with
white pallets

If you have been using white pallets in your supply chain up til now, you have probably experienced recurring problems including poor quality, cost and availability. To overcome these problems and to guarantee the best customer experience, LPR offers its own red pallets for rental and management.

High rejection rate

In contrast to LPR pallets, a large proportion of the white pallet pool is not suitable for automated production lines, nor is it compatible with standardised handling equipment.

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Fewer quality controls

You have probably already encountered one of the following problems with the pallets you receive: protruding nails, broken boards, a badly aligned or twisted block... With LPR, you’ll greatly reduce these risks as our pallets are inspected after each use.

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Variable availability

When you deal with a white pallet supplier, you expose yourself to the risk of not having access to the resources you require for your supply chain activity. LPR has a sufficiently large European pool to be able to deliver at any time.


We continuously ensure
the quality of our pallets


PEFC certified wood

In 2020, we made the decision to only use wood for our pallets that comes from PEFC Chain of Custody certified forests. By doing so, we ensure that the wood used to produce and repair our pallets comes from forests that are managed in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.


We thoroughly inspect all pallets

After use, we inspect each pallet in our pool to ensure that it is in good condition and meets our exacting quality standards. No more breakages, no more disruption of your supply chain and fewer accidents: we share your challenges.

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Repair of damaged pallets

Pallets identified as no longer suitable for use in our pool are inspected, processed and repaired at a LPR service centre. They are then returned to LPR's red pallet pool for further use by our customers.

What are the benefits of using LPR’s services for your business?

save money
Reduce your supply chain costs

Thanks to pallet pooling, you can rent your pallets rather than buying them and let LPR optimise your transport routes.

time 2
Optimise your management time

Don't waste time centralising your pallet flows - let LPR take care of it for you thanks to its dedicated internet portal: MyLPR.

supply chain optimization
Ensure the continuity of your supply chain

The resources needed for your supply chain activity are delivered when and where you need them. Say hello to stock continuity.

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Facilitate the automation of your logistics

Our range of pallets are offered in a number of sizes and configurations to work with your automated supply chain systems.


Like Saint Louis Sucre, move to pallet pooling and improve the efficiency of your supply chain by 10%.


The LPR pallets range

We offer a range of pallets perfectly designed to meet the needs of
FMCG manufacturers and accepted by all major European retailers.
Choose the best format for your supply chain.

Pallet overview

Why are LPR pallets the best in the industry?

Ready to use LPR's red pallets?

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our service, please contact us!

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