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Why change
to LPR?

Are you thinking of entrusting LPR with the management of your pallet pool? You’re making the right choice.

save money
Cost transparency

Your logistics operation is a substantial investment. We place transparency at the heart of our operation through clear billing - with no hidden costs.

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Quality controlled pallets

From purchase to delivery, we operate strict control over the pallets we supply. Our pallets are compatible with your automated production lines, as well as your handling systems.

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European coverage

With more than 135 service centres in Europe, we are able to deliver and collect our pallets anywhere, at any time. By integrating your flows into our pool management system and thanks to pallet acceptance at all European retailers, delivery of your products is ensured with peace of mind.

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Investing in a sustainable future

We ensure the sustainable management of your pallet supplies. We work to reduce empty mileage by optimising our transport flows. Working with LPR means choosing to build a responsible future for your company.

Our range of pallets

PEFC certified wood

In 2020, we made the decision to only use wood for our pallets that comes from PEFC Chain of Custody certified forests. By doing so, we ensure that the wood used to produce and repair our pallets comes from forests that are managed in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.


Pallets ready for automation

Thanks to the materials used and their dimensions, our red pallets are accepted by the largest retailers in Europe and are already used in many automated supply chains. Why not yours?


Pallets always ready
to use

After each use, our pallets are inspected and repaired if necessary. This way, we can extend their life and guarantee optimal quality, reducing the risk of accidents and downtime in your production line.

Quality and safety at LPR

Recycled pallets

We ensure the sustainable management for the end of life of our pallets by recycling those which are not repairable. All of the components of our pallets are recycled – including wood and nails.

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Locally based teams,
close to your company

Thanks to our 11 subsidiaries located across Europe, we allocate dedicated teams to each project according to their location. Each manages the day-to-day operations for our customers. Think global, act local.

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Here to support you

LPR's teams are here to help you with your supply chain and to answer any questions you may have. We will do our utmost to satisfy your request as quickly as possible.


Like Sofidel, don't suffer from stock shortages thanks to pallet pooling

Thanks to LPR and pallet pooling, Sofidel was able to maintain its activity during the COVID-19 health crisis despite a sharp increase in demand for its products. Find out how pallet pooling can meet your pallet availability needs in our case study.


LPR has made sustainable development part of its DNA.
Find out how we are working today, for future generations.

Sustainable development at LPR

A model of circularity

Our pallet rental and management service has circularity at its very heart. Pallet pooling is based on reuse, repair and recycle at the end of usable life.


Reduce your carbon footprint

With LPR's services, you can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. Our road routes are optimised so that we never drive empty, we pool our means of transport and we encourage the use of multi-modal transport, such as rail-road.

You are only one click away from an optimised supply chain

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