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Choose an automated
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Lower your logistics costs and optimise your supply chain performance by choosing pallets adapted to your automated systems


Quality pallets for your automated systems

For many companies that use automated systems in their supply chain, there’s always one requirement: to get the best possible pallet quality.

Indeed, these handling and production systems require specific pallets adapted to the required dimensions, quality and moisture content.

How do you make sure you have the right pallets for your supply chain?


Not all pallets are created equal, especially when it comes to selecting a pallet for automated handling and production systems. Find out what the most important points to consider are to make the right choice.

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Pallet wood composition

Above all, avoid pallets made from composite wood: it can swell in contact with water or twist on impact leading to supply chain automation system stoppages.

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The standards the pallets meet

Each automated system has its own acceptable pallet standards: size and weight being the most obvious criteria. Some distributors reject pallets that fail to meet their automated systems’ standards.

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Care for general pallet condition

For your automated systems to run properly, every pallet must be in perfect condition. Choose a supplier that guarantees delivered resource quality by inspecting it beforehand.

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Logistics operator training

Choose a supplier whose teams are trained to treat pallets as valuable assets and not disposable resources. You’ll reduce the risk of damage to the pallets on delivery and thereby reduce your automated system rejection rates.

How does LPR guarantee the compatibility of its pallets with  automated handling and
production systems?

Pallets that meet the requirements of automated systems

Our range of pallets is designed to meet the different FMCG industrial and European distributor standards. Therefore, our pallets are calibrated to perfectly fit into automated production and handling systems and are accepted by all major distributors.


Robust pallets made from PEFC certified wood

To make good pallets, you need good wood. At LPR - La Palette Rouge, the pallets we use are made from solid wood from PEFC label managed forests.


Systematic inspection of used pallets

After each rotation, our pallets are inspected and repaired if they don’t meet our quality standards. We make sure the pallets we deliver are in perfect condition for use in automated systems by carrying out over 20 checks.

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Customer support that’s as close as possible to your business

At LPR, our team of specialists will support you in your daily activities and make sure that our pallets are compatible with your automated systems. Due to the flexibility of our solutions and our teams, we guarantee an optimised process customised for each client.


With the acceleration of logistics flows as a result of the changes in consumption patterns, an increasing number of businesses are turning to automation for better productivity and reliability.

What value do pallets add to your automated system?

Choosing the right pallet is critical to your automated system performances. But how can you recognise a well-made pallet from a questionable one? LPR has the answer in our guide!

See the guide

LPR has found the right solution for Saint Louis Sucre's automated systems

When we work on our customers' automated supply chains, we take into account all their automated production and handling system specificities to propose a solution that respects their technical needs while guaranteeing high performance for their business.

That’s what we did at Saint Louis Sucre, who came to us as the European pallet rental and management experts for help.

Find out how we helped them!


Find out how LPR reduced Saint Louis Sucre's pallet rejection rate by 10%

Saint Louis Sucre has a production plant in Roye, France, which is in the process of being automated. To successfully automate its finished goods management, Saint Louis Sucre needs precisely calibrated pallets that can be accepted by their automated handling systems. To meet this automated system pallet quality-related challenge, Saint Louis called on our services.

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