LPR - La Palette Rouge reinforces its presence in Western France

The European specialist for pallet-pooling (a Division of the Euro Pool Group) has opened a
new service centre in Payré, a few kilometres from Poitiers. The aim of this 14th site is to
consolidate the company’s presence in Western France, while strengthening its partnership
with its provider Lahaye Packaging, a subsidiary of the Montmur Group.

By opening a fifth service centre in Western France based in Payré (Vienne) - close to the N10, which is a strategic route between Paris and Bordeaux, the pallet-pooling specialist LPR La Palette Rouge will reinforce its presence in the region in order to satisfy its customers’ needs and, on a more general level, to meet the growing requirements of local manufacturers
in terms of pallet availability. "The opening of this new centre will guarantee the requisite logistics services for our existing customers but also provide an efficient long-term solution to the recurrent shortage of pallets available for manufacturers in the region, which is a major problem," explains Vincent Duhamel, Sales Manager at LPR. Dedicated to sorting and repairing
almost 1,200,000 pallets per year, this new centre, which has created twenty jobs, manages the delivery and collection of LPR pallets across the whole of the Poitou-Charentes/Limousin

"Driven by our constant desire to provide our customers with a quality service, we launched a call for tender, and finally decided to work with Lahaye Packaging, a subsidiary of the Montmur Group. Moreover, this choice provided a real opportunity to consolidate our partnership and to pool our resources with this Brittany-based family-run business, which is very well established in the region. At LPR, we aim to encourage entrepreneurial spirit and to support the growth of our partners," says Philippe Therage, Director of Operations at LPR. The aim of Lahaye Packaging is to provide the highest service quality and consolidate its commitment to LPR. "After the sites in the Grand Fougeray and Carhaix, we are now working with LPR on a third service centre in Western France; together, we therefore provide a comprehensive offer in the region. We also plan to build a new 5,000m2 building in Payré that will allow us to pursue our joint development," explains Patrick LAHAYE, Chairman of the Montmur Group.

Europe’s red pallet pallet pooling specialist
LPR - La Palette Rouge is the pallet pooling specialist with more than 20 years experience in the fastmoving consumer goods sector. With our innovative pooling systems for pallets, our unique personal approach and our network of more than 100 depots, LPR has assumed a leading position in Europe. Handling almost more than 73 million pallets a year, we provide a full pallet service for all parties in the supply chain: manufacturers, distributors, processing partners and retailers.

Sharing the benefits of returnable packaging
Over a period of more than 20 years, Euro Pool Group has developed into the largest logistics service provider of reusable standard packaging in Europe: a success that we share with all the parties in the chain. Every day, producers, transporters, processing companies and retailers benefit from the advantages of our reusable crates and pallets. With a network of approximately 150 service centres in 12 countries, we provide reliability, flexibility, sustainability and efficiency throughout the whole chain. Euro Pool Group consists of Euro Pool System and LPR - La Palette Rouge : two divisions with their own history and expertise in the area of packaging pooling. While Euro Pool System, with its reusable trays and foldable crates, has become the standard in the European chain for fresh and packaged food, LPR with its innovative pooling systems for pallets, has assumed a leading position in the FMCG
sector. We cherish our corporate values, encouraging team spirit, personal growth, respect, entrepreneurship and innovation.

About the Montmur Group
As a specialist in transport and logistics since 1953, the Montmur Group is based in Brittany and
groups together several brands, such as Transports Lahaye, Lahaye Logistique and Lahaye
Packaging. With a turnover of €130 million in 2015, the Group employs 1,200 staff across 20 sites in France. The Montmur Group has extended its business activities, which were primarily focused on transport, to include logistics and multi-mode transport. The Group has built its success and longevity on its entrepreneurial spirit.