Quality and certifications

Our CSR approach

Alongside and in line with ‘Our Mission Statement’ and ‘Our Corporate Values Statement,’ this White Book lays the foundation for how we conduct ourselves as an organization and as individuals representing the company at all times.

Every action we undertake reflects on us, our values of Reliability Entrepreneurial spirit, Drive and of course our character to be respected in the European marketplace.

At our core, as part of the Euro Pool Group company we are in business to earn an ethical and fair return for our shareholders. Our first asset before pallet is individuals.


Xavier Goube - Managing Director  LPR

Ethics and Sustainable Development Charter
Our group, Euro Pool Group, pays close attention to the quality of its relationship with all of its partners.

To reinforce this approach, LPR La Palette Rouge wrote and published in 2014 its "Corporate Social Responsibility" policy detailing its commitments and expectations in the relationship it maintains with its different stakeholders (employees, customers, external service providers and other interested parties), for our activities throughout Europe. (…).

Respect of labour legislation, human rights, good labour relations and working conditions:
You agree to use all possible means to respect human rights in all of your practices and to combat illegal working. You respect the fundamental rights of employees and apply the legal and contractual provisions in force.

You agree to prohibit any form of discrimination, whether concerning gender, age, ethnic or racial background, religion, sexual orientation, practices or peculiarities related to mental or physical conditions, and to ensure professional equality between men and women throughout your business.


Good faith in commercial practices:
You undertake to behave in an ethical manner in your relationships and negotiations with partners, customers and competitors.

You undertake to prevent and combat corruption and fraud.


Our Competition law, Compliance guide

As a major European pooling operator, Euro Pool Group conducts its business in line with the highest possible standards that exist within the European pooling industry. With an entrepreneurial spirit and with drive and respect. We deliver what we promise, all in accordance with applicable laws. The Management Board considers fair competition to be more than merely a legal requirement; it is one of the cornerstones of Euro Pool Group’s operations. Our reputation and long-term success are not only based on the quality of our services, but also on the way we practice in the marketplace.

With fairness and integrity. Competition laws provide for rules preventing unlawful collusion between companies and excessive use of market power. To further explain the basic principles of competition laws, we have laid down those principles in this Competition Law Compliance Guide.


Extract of the “Competition Law, Compliance Guide” – Euro Pool Group/2016


Real DNA of the company, LPR makes a commitment for more than 25 years in an approach of Quality and certification. The quality management is one of the major concern of LPR. Inspired with this leitmotiv, LPR collaborators improve every day the service they offer to their customers. To date : LPR is ISO – certified 9001 in France, Benelux, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

  Quality and certifications

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