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Why did Cerealis choose to partner with LPR?

Flavio Guerreiro julkaistu 8 joulukuuta 2020


First and foremost, a high need in terms of quality and robustness to comply with the very demanding standards in the food industry. Cerealis warehouses requested high-quality pallets that suit the very strict tolerance of its fully-automated systems and also that meet all the transport and storage requirements for a 100% goods compliance guarantee throughout its automated operational flow. On top of that, they were looking for pallets that provide high load stability and ensure completely safe handling


Another reason why Cerealis chose us was the top quality of our service. Cerealis aim to be impeccable in the operation of its production lines and supply to its customers : the company wants to have partner with the same mindset. With the volume of pallets moves everyday in its factories and warehouses, they needed an excellent delivery service, as well as an agile response to variations in its consumption.

They were also looking for a partner able to deliver anywhere in Europe. Our extensive European coverage and the fact that we were accepted by the main European retailers encouraged Cerealis to go with us. Moreover, we insured that we will work closely to monitor their activities and those of each customer, both remotely and on site.


Cerealis aims to make its operation more sustainable. They were convinced by the circular value of pallet pooling: as pallets are reusable, they are therefore sustainable. Pallet pooling makes supply chain management more efficient, in terms of both cost and use of natural resources. The process of pooling and reuse is part of a circular economy, so by reusing and sharing LPR equipment, our customers are reducing their carbon footprint. Cerealis implemented a set of measures that enable them to achieve greater benefits, with integrated collaboration within the supply chain, and have identified opportunities where cooperation can improve efficiency and sustainability.


Using LPR pallets increased Cerealis productivity ! Our pallets met perfectly its strict specifications and were ideally suited to its automated production and storage facilities. The synergies achieved together with Cerealis has highlighted a growth trend in half-pallet and quarter-pallet formats.

We help them to optimise its pallet management by defining together a frequency of delivery and supply of pallets to its factories in order to allow them to employ JIT (just in time) management of  this resource. In other words, we synchronised pallets input with the needs of each production line, thus minimizing stocks in progress.

"We should note that the development of a collaborative culture throughout the supply chain significantly reduces transport costs, increases supply chain efficiency, and generates added value. Excellence in operations is increasingly achieved by implementing collaborative tools between the different links in the supply chain, and LPR is an important player in this regard."


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