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LPR obtains the Global Safe Site seal

Flavio Guerreiro julkaistu 8 joulukuuta 2020

LPR - La Palette Rouge (LPR), a division of the Euro Pool System Group, is the first company in the logistics sector in Portugal to obtain the Global Safe Site seal, a certification issued by Bureau Veritas. This certification is assigned to establishments that fulfill all the established requirements, ensuring that disinfection and cleaning protocols are adhered to and that safety measures are implemented.

LPR Portugal obtained the Global Safe Site seal, a certification issued by Bureau Veritas, which certifies that the activity at the company's facilities has resumed, by attesting to its respective compliance with the new safety measures due to Covid-19 in relation to people (with individual protection measures), to processes (with organisational measures) and to facilities (with adequacy and compliance review).

Valid for a period of six months, the certificate issued by Bureau Veritas makes LPR Portugal the first company in the logistics sector, on a national scale, to obtain the Global Safe Site seal, with the benchmark pooling management services company in Portugal stepping out, before its employees, the market and its business partners, as an active agent of promoting public health. With responsibilities throughout the entire supply chain, the certification that has now been obtained comes to prove, and validate, LPR Portugal’s ability to adapt to volatile contexts, taking into account the work carried out in supporting the fundamentals for the continuity of commercial and business activity, while ensuring the safety of the various parties involved, in the midst of a crisis.

The Global Clean Site certification, issued by the reputable external entity Bureau Veritas, is aimed at establishments that fulfill all established requirements, by ensuring that disinfection and cleaning protocols are followed and that relevant safety measures are implemented, in line with the entities’ general recommendations with regard to procedures aimed at people, processes and facilities.

« With the Global Clean Site certification, LPR Portugal sought to reassure employees, users and customers, by ensuring its compliance, duly attested by an external entity, with the good practices of its activity, which are so necessary nowadays. As of now, we can certify, proven by the newly obtained certification, that the actions taken in the scope of our activity management in the national space respond, in full, to the requirements that must be fulfilled by the organisations in order to prevent, and to manage, any possible risk of contamination by the new Coronavirus, through the application of the framework developed by Bureau Veritas regarding the Covid-19 pandemic »

A clear message of trust and transparency to the market from LPR Portugal, which seeks to provide excellent service and to make all stakeholders aware of the importance of a correct preventive attitude in order to control the risk of contamination, particularly at such a pivotal time for the ambitious recovery of economic activity in Portugal.

The Global Clean Site certification activity consists of identifying the different variables to be analysed in each case and assessing disinfection, safety and hygiene according to current legislation, in addition to carrying out tests on different surfaces, in order to determine the presence of Covid-19.

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