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LPR supports reforestation in France with the planting of trees

Sylvie Briat julkaistu 8 joulukuuta 2020

LPR-La Palette Rouge (a Division of Euro Pool Group) has joined with "Plantons pour l’avenir" to support the French timber sector and as part of its aim to support the biosourced economy. Since 2016, LPR's support has contributed to the planting of nearly 100,000 trees in France. This partnership is an integral part of LPR’s sustainable development policy, an initiative which has been ongoing for more than 10 years.

Plantons pour l’avenir

European pallet-pooling specialist LPR is actively supporting this charitable project for the replanting of trees in France - in full compliance with the standards of sustainable management for certified forests. Planting makes it possible to introduce species capable of withstanding climate change and meeting the economic needs of the future. Planting, cropping and processing are essential activities for the survival of French forests. LPR’s decision in 2016 to work with Plantons pour I’avenir had two objectives: to contribute to the preservation of the French forest ecosystem, while also contributing to the absorption of part of the greenhouse gas emissions generated as part of its business activities.

A PEFC-certified wood supply

LPR’s involvement with the forestry and timber sector began in 2010 with the PEFC certification of the wood used in its supply chain. The PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) requires sustainable management of forest plots to meet economic, ecological and social needs, now and in the future.

“We were the first in our sector to be certified PEFC from the forest to the delivery of the pallet, including the various stages of manufacture and repair. As we are continuing to grow, we buy several million new pallets every year. We work to limit our impact on the forest and to preserve it, so only use timber from sustainably managed woodland, from responsible sources. We also know that the quality of our pallets, which depends on the origin of the raw materials, is bound to be better.”Today, 100% of the wood used for LPR's activities comes from PEFC-certified plots or verified sources – Gaël Gonzalez, SHEQ Manager at LPR

In addition to these commitments, LPR is pleased to share an eco-responsible policy with many of its customers. The pallet rental and management expert is taking a number of measures to reduce its energy footprint. Pooling transport, reducing empty returns and considering multimodal transport solutions are all central to the development of LPR's and its customers' activities.

About LPR-La Palette Rouge

LPR-La Palette Rouge, a division of Euro Pool System Group, is a pallet-pooling company for manufacturers and distributors in the fast-moving consumer goods sector. LPR operates throughout Europe, providing a full pallet service to its customers and their retail partners.

About “Plantons pour l’avenir”

Plantons pour l’Avenir is a private, non-political and independent fund, governed by Articles 140 and 141 of Act No.2008-776 of 4 August 2008 and by the Implementing Decree No.2009-158 of 11 February 2009. Created in September 2014, its purpose, as part of its general interest mission of contributing to the protection of the natural environment, is to relaunch reforestation in France using sustainable management techniques. http://plantonspourlavenir.org/

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Sylvie Briat

SHEQ Coordinator

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