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We reinforce our partnership with Sonae

Flavio Guerreiro julkaistu 8 joulukuuta 2020

We remain committed to promoting sustainability and reducing our ecological footprint by creating a Service Center in Azambuja, at the Sonae Group facilities.

This new location takes us another step closer to consolidating the level of service provided to our customers, while optimising logistics flows. Hugo Silva, our Operations Manager at LPR Portugal, comments :

"The partnership established with the SONAE Group makes perfect sense, being a leading national retailer. The Azambuja Service Center will also allow us to progress in our environmental goals whilst we continue to offer an excellent level of service of our customers."

Strengthening the service provided to our customers, whilst optimising logistics flows, reducing our ecological footprint and promoting an increasingly sustainable operation model are the main reasons for this collaboration.

The operation will also mean that our customers can collect pallets at same place as they deliver their products, which will allow clear optimisation of transport and reductions in operating costs. This is one of the ways that we offers increased benefits of working, greater levels of flexibility and operational agility.

A further benefit is that it provides the opportunity to strengthen further our relationship with the Sonae Group.

One of our key aims is to demonstrate a clear commitment to promoting ever more accurate asset management, which in turn leads to the ability to optimise lead-times and logistics flows. These actions enable us to work more sustainably and to respect the environment.

So, in conclusion ...

Our activity is directly linked to the circular economy and, as such, the greater the involvement and collaboration of modern distribution, the more impacting the results will be on the environment and the entire supply chain. The importance of modern retail operators in reducing the ecological footprint cannot be overstated. Never has it been more important to foster strategic partnerships that go beyond finances - sustained growth, with modern retail operators, is a key part of our vision for the future.

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Flavio Guerreiro

Country Manager Portugal

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