Full-service pallet pooling

With our full service solution, we ensure you always receive pallets in perfect condition. Starting with delivery from our service centre to collection at drop-points, we manage every aspect of pallets in your supply chain.

From order to collection, we offer a full-service pallet pooling solution

We provide our customers with our high-quality red pallets - whenever, and wherever they need them. Our pooling services are fully outsourced, – let us manage your pallets while you focus on your core business.


You email your order forecast to us

To ensure we always have the right number of pallets available, we ask our customers to send their forecasted orders. We manage our pallet pools very carefully, enabling us to guarantee delivery.

Mylpr 2

Pallets are ordered using MyLPR

Place your order for the pallet type, volume and type of truck you need, and when and where you would like delivery to take place.

LPR delivers ordered pallets 3

We deliver your pallets

Your order will be processed as soon as it is received, and your pallets will be delivered in line with your request.

You load the pallets with your products 4

You load the pallets with your products

Our pallets are quality inspected before dispatch, so they arrive ready to be used in all automated production and picking systems.

Warehouse 5

The pallets are dispatched to warehouses

After pallets are packed with products, they are shipped to logistic hubs, major retailers and wholesalers.

You send us your despatch information 6

You send us your despatch information

You provide us with despatch information to tell us where our pallets are located.

collect empty pallets 7

We collect the empty pallets

We use the information that you provide to collect our pallets. We monitor the use of our pallets and collect them from all across Europe. 

inspect 8

We inspect and repair the pallets ready for reuse

Returned pallets are checked, sorted, and repaired before each use. Pallets can be used for seven to ten years before they reach their end-of-life.

direct service

Direct Service

For customers who want faster access to pallets, we offer a Direct Service. After we collect the pallet from a drop-point, we directly distribute our pallets to you - skipping inspection and repair at our service centres. Should you receive a pallet with damage, we will collect and replace it.

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