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Top 5 frequently asked questions

Here are our top 5 FAQ's

What is pallet pooling?

Pallet pooling is a pallet management system that enhances the efficiency of the supply chain. It is a unique combination of logistics services and reusable packaging based on rental and return. With our reusable pallets, we not only optimise your supply chain, but also build a sustainable future.

How does pallet pooling work?

Pallets pooling is based on a circular economy approach. It consists of a fully outsourced system where pallets are rented and collected once they have been used. Then, pallets are inspected, sorted and repaired before being reused.

Can you help me with the transition to pooling?

With more than 25 years of experience, we have helped a lot of companies transition to pooling. We will :

  1. Gain insight into your current supply chain
  2. Set up a dedicated team to support you in the transition
  3. Align our solution to your processes
  4. Provide the support of a dedicated account manager

Is it safe to reuse pallets?

Our pallets are dedicated to the FMCG sector in order to avoid any risk of contamination. In addition, our pallets are inspected, sorted and repaired after each rotation.

Are your pallets compatible with my production line?

Our pallets are suitable for all types of production lines and handling equipment. They are also fully compatible with all automated systems.