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expertise in
pallet pooling

Active in the pallet pooling sector for over 30 years, LPR works with FMCG businesses and retailers across Europe. Find out what makes LPR the best partner for your supply chain.

Why choose LPR to manage your pallets?

LPR has been the European specialist in pallet rental and management since 1992, and there’s a reason why!

save money
Cost transparency

Your logistics operation is a substantial investment. We place transparency at the heart of our operation through clear billing - with no hidden costs.

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Quality controlled pallets

From purchase to delivery, we operate strict control over the pallets we supply. Our pallets are compatible with your automated production lines, as well as your handling systems.

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European coverage

With more than 135 service centres in Europe, we are able to deliver and collect our pallets anywhere, at any time. By integrating your flows into our pool management system and thanks to pallet acceptance at all European retailers, delivery of your products is ensured with peace of mind.

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A sustainable future

We ensure the sustainable management of your pallet supplies. We work to reduce empty mileage by optimising our transport flows. Working with LPR means choosing to build a responsible future for your company.

How does our full service solution work?

We provide our customers with the best quality pallets. We deliver the ordered quantity of pallets, to the requested location, on the correct day. Our solution is totally outsourced: leaving you to focus on your core business - while we take care of everything!

A top-of-the-range full
service for your supply chain

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Get access to the best quality pallets

Designed for all types of supply chain, LPR pallets are made from wood from PEFC-certified forests and are systematically inspected and repaired after each use.

Our range of pallets

MyLPR, your one stop shop!

Using the MyLPR system, you can order pallets and have them delivered to the location of your choice. In addition, you can access your invoices, track your deliveries, and access detailed reports on your contracts and logistics activities.

Discover MyLPR

A team dedicated to your business success

Your company's success is our main motivation. Our teams work with you to ensure we meet your needs in the most effective and efficient way. We value cooperation with our customers, and work with them to make the transition to a sustainable supply chain.


Like Sofidel, don't suffer from stock shortages thanks to pallet pooling

Thanks to LPR and pallet pooling, Sofidel was able to maintain its activity during the COVID-19 health crisis despite a sharp increase in demand for its products. Find out how pallet pooling can meet your pallet availability needs in our case study.

Read the case study

What will we bring to your business?

save money
Reduce your supply chain costs

Thanks to pallet pooling, you can rent your pallets instead of buying them and let LPR optimise your transport routes.

Optimise your management time

Don't waste time centralising your pallet flows, LPR will take care of it for you thanks to its dedicated internet portal: MyLPR.

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Ensure the continuity of your supply chain

The resources needed for your supply chain activity are delivered when and where you need them. Say hello to stock continuity.

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Take advantage of pallets designed for automation

Our range of pallets are offered in a number of sizes and configurations to work with your automated supply chain systems.

Make your supply chain more sustainable

We have always believed that the supply chain of the future will be wholly based on the circularity of resources. This is why we have put sustainable development and materials at the heart of our DNA.


Ready to transform your supply chain with LPR?

Let us help you find the best solution for your business.

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