wooden pallet 600 x 1000 mm

A general-purpose pallet for smaller unit loads and in-store displays which is also suitable for automated production and warehousing systems.


4 way entry
4-way entry

Can be used with all standard handling equipment 

PEFC certified
PEFC certified

LPR uses only quality timber and controls the origin of the wood of its pallet pool. The wood comes from certified PEFC forests and PEFC controlled sources.

Guaranteed quality
Guaranteed quality

Every LPR pallet is inspected and, when required, repaired every cycle to our high-quality standard. Every pallet, whether new or repaired, must meet our exacting specifications.

Easily recognisable
Easily recognisable

Our pallets are easily identified by the waterbased red painting on all sides, provided by an approved supplier.



wooden pallet


Length (L):

1000 ±10 mm

Width (W):

600 ±10 mm

Height (H):

161 ±10 mm

Average weight:

16 Kg

Nominal load:

600 Kg


3 based board, 4 way entry

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