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Research and development

For us, innovation is based on 3 pillars: profitability, supply chain efficiency and sustainable development. Discover our latest areas of innovation and research.


loT and traceability

Several projects are currently being developed and tested at LPR (GRAI, IoT Trackers, etc.) and should be deployed at an industrial level within the next 2 to 5 years, in line with our digital roadmap. Our objective is to provide our customers with real-time tracking of their deliveries.


Digital tools

We are developing new digital tools to optimise and secure our processes: SAP TMS Transport management system, SHIPPEO transport traceability, SQUARE stock and flow optimisation tool and a supplier/customer portal.

LPR 05-2013 Dongen Pallets 053

Pallet scanner

LPR is developing a pallet scanner which can automatically inspect pallets. This new functionality will enable us to better understand how we can improve our pallet quality.


Track & Trace with Shippeo

LPR began using Shippeo in November 2020 to complete its Transport Managing System (TMS), enabling customers to get realiable real time delivery tracking information and to optimise their logistics performance.

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Discover MyLPR

Order your pallets in a few clicks

From your MyLPR log in, you can order the pallets you need and have them delivered directly to the location of your choice. Your invoice will be available in you customer area.

COLLECT pallets

Follow the progress of your deliveries

MyLPR allows you to track orders placed on the portal allowing you to anticipate your supply chain activity and improve the efficiency of your movements.


Optimise your business with our detailed reports

MyLPR provides you with activity reports, including the wide range of statistics needed to monitor the performance of your business: contracts, orders, pallets stocks, dwell time (pallet time on site) and much more.

Discover LPR's red pallets

Ready to use

With the move to ever more highly automated environments by our customers and the retailers, our pallets have been configured for use in even the most complex automated systems.


Unparalleled quality

To ensure that LPR pallets are ready to use in your automated system, each pallet is inspected, and where necessary repaired, so that it meets our very strict specifications providing you with peace of mind.

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