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How Sofidel maintained its activity during the pandemic thanks to LPR

The COVID-19 health crisis has weakened many manufacturers’ logistics organisation. Sofidel managed to adapt to the health context and to face a peak in demand by relying on LPR expertise.


Why Sofidel asked us to support them

Sofidel is one of the world's leading manufacturers of disposable paper products, with over 50 years of experience. In March 2020, the COVID-19 crisis caused demand for toilet paper and paper towels to go through the roof, exposing Sofidel to risks of stock-outs.

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A real explosion in demand

Sofidel was confronted with an increase in demand for its products, and therefore an increase in the number of pallets needed to run its supply chain properly.

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A need for flexibility and responsiveness

Faced with this delivery tracking logistics crisis, Sofidel obviously needed a reliable, flexible and responsive partner to meet rapidly changing demands. This flexibility is reflected in the availability of LPR's teams and in the solutions to Sofidel's logistics issues.

A need for precise logistics and delivery tracking

Sofidel couldn’t afford late deliveries or poor coordination of its pallet pool during this complex period. The company needed reliable and up-to-date data to optimise its logistics flows.


How to make sure you always have the resources you need for your supply chain

Regardless of the number of pallets your business needs, you may be vulnerable to a supplier stock-out. Anticipate that difficulty now!


How to prepare for the next global logistics crisis

Unfortunately, the logistics difficulties caused by the COVID-19 crisis may not be an exception in the future. Prepare for a global logistics crisis now, guaranteeing your supply chain performance at the right time.


How to achieve high logistics management accuracy

Your supply chain can’t tolerate delays or errors. You need a trusted partner that knows your supply chain and supports you in your daily logistics activity monitoring. You also need tangible and accurate data about your business and performance.

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  • Sofidel benefited from the responsiveness and flexibility of LPR's teams
  • Pallet rental management solved the pallet availability issue
  • LPR helped Sofidel double its production rate in a few weeks


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