Making sure your supply
chain never stops

Pallets are the foundations of supply chains: without them, there would be no deliveries and even less stock in warehouses. It is therefore imperative to have the pallets needed for the smooth running of your supply chain available. Find out how to make sure you’ll always be able to deliver to your distributors.


Guarantee supply chain continuity:
a vital issue

The COVID-19 pandemic is just the latest example of a crisis impacting on supply chains worldwide. These periods of crisis are unpredictable but cyclical, so it is important to always be prepared for such an eventuality. Are your company and its supply chain sufficiently resilient? How can you prepare future challenges ? What can you anticipate?


Resource supply problems are often the result of poor coordination between customers and suppliers, but are above all the result of poor needs planning. Let's find out how to remedy this.

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Call on an expert company

Rely on companies that are leaders in their sector: their experience and resources will be your best allies in a crisis.

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Keep an eye on your pallets

Knowing where resources are is essential be be able to schedule and optimise deliveries. Choose a supplier that offers an internet delivery tracking service.

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Make sure you have enough resources available

The number of pallets available to a supplier is a good indicator of its ability to serve your supply chain. Nevertheless, remember to ask them how they manage their pallet assets or sudden increases in pallet demand.

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Engage in true collaboration

The best protection from logistics crises is prepared upstream, in your relationship with your supplier. Choose a supplier that’s attentive to customer feedback and customising its offer to your needs.

How does LPR - La Palette Rouge guarantee its customers pallet availability?

A very large pallet pool

As a European pallet rental and management expert, LPR has one of the largest pools of reusable pallets in Europe. LPR can also count on Euro Pool Group support and resources to meet its customers' resource requirements.

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A local presence throughout Europe

Over 129 warehouses in 15 European countries, LPR - La Palette Rouge can easily handle your pallet orders and deliver them anywhere in Europe.


Pooled pallet assets to reduce delivery times

By promoting resource pooling and circularity, we optimise our collection process to quickly make used pallets available to our customers.


A pallet ordering and tracking web portal

LPR - La Palette Rouge makes its MyLPR web portal available to every customer. This user-friendly interface is used to order your pallets online and centralise all your invoices. MyLPR also gives access to detailed statistical reports on your orders and the pallets used.


Teams at the service of their clients’ success

Our experts support you throughout our collaboration on your supply chain and do everything they can to make sure you’re satisfied with our services. At LPR - La Palette Rouge, we believe that your success depends above all on a collaborative approach to managing your supply chain.

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Good pallet suppliers are responsive and adaptable. They can supply you the quantity of pallets you need when you need them. It’s therefore an essential criterion to consider.

How can you make sure your pallet supplier will never fail you?

Prepare today to be ready tomorrow. Discover LPR's guide to choosing pallet suppliers.

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How Sofidel maintained its logistics during the COVID-19 pandemic

At the beginning of the health crisis in March 2020, the demand for toilet paper went through the roof. Faced with this excess demand, the industrial paper group turned to LPR - La Palette Rouge to cope with the increased orders. How did we manage to meet Sofidel's needs? What arrangements did we make to fulfil our mission? All questions we propose to answer below!


Managing our partner Sofidel’s increase in pallet needs

Sofidel has been a leading manufacturer of disposable paper products for 50 years. When demand for its products began to peak in March 2020, the challenge for Sofidel was not only to produce more, but above all to manage a supply chain capable of delivering more. Find out how the collaboration between Sofidel and our teams resulted in functional solutions that met their increased need for pallets during a period of high demand.

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