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Delivering sustainability at scale

Jean-Luc Guénard, Managing Director, LPR division

“We are living in uncertain and volatile times. This is a challenge, but also an opportunity to change and do better. We are using the current energy crisis as a catalyst to drive change in the areas that matter most to our business and our partners. I am convinced that by improving the collaboration with our customers and responding to their needs, we can accelerate our efforts towards a greener future.”

In 2022, we managed an incredible crisis for our industry and a sudden increase in demand from existing and new customers. I am extremely proud that despite such a challenging environment, we were also able to further raise the bar on our sustainability initiatives. We have identified new targets in the planet and people pillars which will help accelerate our efforts. With the planet pillar, we have two key objectives for 2025:

  • Reduce our CO2 emissions per delivered pallet by 20%, compared to 2017.
  • Use 100% certified wood (PEFC or FSC) in the manufacture and repair of LPR’s pallets.

One of our main dilemmas is that we need to supply new pallets to support the growth of our business. Looking at production only does not show the positive impact that this growth in pallet-pooling has on reducing carbon emissions. We know that our LPR pallet-pooling system can make a significant difference in reducing our carbon footprint, also in comparison to our competitors. In fact, an independent study by EY carried out in 2017 showed that switching to our system can result in an up to 48% carbon footprint reduction. Having said this, we are equally committed to lowering the negative environmental impact associated with the production of new pallets. We are looking to create a system change where growth and a positive environmental impact go hand in hand.

Sourcing sustainable wood is crucial to our pallet production. Given supply chain volatilities, the sourcing of responsible timber was a major challenge. Despite this, our commitment to working with suppliers and manufacturers using sustainable forestry certification such as PEFC or FSC remains unwavering. To ensure that we always source from certified forests, we are currently developing a sourcing control system.

The transition to an LPR pallet is a substantial improvement of the overall CO2 emissions in the supply chain compared to single-use cardboard or white exchange pallets. By growing and encouraging partners and customers to join us, we are making a positive impact together. 

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Our people are the key assets of our business. We are committed to providing training and development opportunities to strengthen our teams in all regions. We take measures across the organisation to contribute to the health and safety of our employees.

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We set the ambition to reduce the carbon footprint for each rotation of our trays and pallets by 20% by 2025, in comparison to the baseline in 2017. To achieve this goal, we are committed to strategic projects that focus on optimising logistics, green energy and our reusable carriers.

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Innovation and partnering with customers are key to driving circularity in the supply chain further. Together with our partners, we are constantly working on innovations and deploying new tools and technologies such as the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and other traceability tools.

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