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How did Saint Louis Sucre reduce its pallet rejection rate by 10% with LPR?

High pallet rejection rates can lead to increased supply chain management costs. Find out how the collaboration between Saint Louis and LPR reduced pallet rejection rates by 10%.


Why Saint Louis Sucre asked us to support them

Saint Louis Sucre has a production plant in Roye, France, which is in the process of being automated. To successfully automate its finished goods management, Saint Louis Sucre needs precisely calibrated pallets that can be accepted by their automated handling systems. To meet this automated system pallet quality-related challenge, Saint Louis called on our services.

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A very precise pallet calibration requirement

To automate its loaded pallet management and storage, the company uses a storage crane that can only work with very precisely calibrated pallets.

Specific hydrometry criteria

Saint Louis Sucre mainly produces sugar. To avoid damage to the products, the company must ensure that it uses pallets that meet its specific moisture criteria to prevent the powdered sugar from solidifying.

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The need for a flexible supplier to meet these constraints

Saint Louis Sucre not only needs 14,500 pallets to run its supply chain, but also needs a flexible supplier that can offer a customised solution to meet its formulated moisture content and calibration requirements.


How to keep your automated logistics systems running smoothly

Saint Louis Sucre had the right idea to choose us! As experts in pallet rental and management, we help our customers optimise pallet use in their automated handling and production systems.


How to get the perfect pallets for your automated systems

Automated handling systems require strict calibration of the pallets used. Saint Louis called on LPR to find the best adapted pallets for their automated systems.

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How to reduce your rejection rate

This document shows that the main criterion for reducing your automated system rejection rates is pallet quality. By using quality wood and sorting, inspecting and repairing returned pallets, LPR guarantees its customers the highest quality levels.


How to benefit from a solution adapted to your supply chain requirements

Saint Louis Sucre benefited from a tailored approach. In fact, our service centre in Marolles designed a customer-specific line to optimise our service and to best meet their needs.

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Nothing could be easier than downloading our PDF format document to find out how LPR helped Saint Louis Sucre reduce its reject rate and meet the challenge of automation. Fill in the form below and get direct access to your document!

download the case study now and learn how :

  • Customisation of our solution is at the heart of our collaboration with Saint Louis Sucre
  • Saint Louis Sucre reduced its pallet rejection rate by 10%
  • LPR can respond favourably to very specific calibration and moisture content requirements

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