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Automation is becoming an increasingly important part of modern logistics and the importance of pallets in these new technologies cannot be overlooked. But why should you consider pallets as a key element of success for your automation? LPR explains it all in this guide.

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What will you learn in this guide?

This guide is designed to help you understand the importance of pallets in automation and why poor quality pallets will lead to a huge drop in productivity in your automated systems. You will also discover that pallets must meet a long list of quality requirements to be suitable for automated systems.


How is automation redesigning supply chains?

Industrials are in the process of altering their own infrastructures, changing their production lines to become high-capacity production lines and upgrading their storage warehouses.

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Why are pallets a key component in automated systems?

Increased use of automation has highlighted the importance of pallets. Pallest have become an essential element to be taken into account for the proper operation of automated systems.

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How can a lack of pallet quality damage productivity of your automated systems?

As production lines are much faster, the quality of pallets used must be higher to reduce breakdowns and production stoppages. Automation ready pallets are important to make automated systems work effectively.

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Like Saint Louis Sucre, improve the efficiency of your automated systems by 10% with pallet pooling

Quality is a priority at Saint Louis Sucre’s automated packing plant in Roye, France. We have been working with the sugar manufacturer to improve the efficiency and help them successfully automate its finished good management.


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