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This is an essential subject for any supply chain professional: how can I save on my logistics management costs while maintaining high performance levels? LPR explains everything.

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What will you learn in this guide?

Do you know your exact supply chain costs? Or do you know how much you could save on your logistics management costs by changing how you work? In this document, LPR invites you to discover the various savings levers you can use.


What are your hidden logistics costs

To reduce costs, you must identify them all first and anticipate unforeseen events. From production costs to storage costs, nothing should be overlooked when seeking to reduce your logistics management costs.

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How to optimise the use of your supply chain resources

Poor resource allocation can often lead to additional costs. There is a direct link between the optimisation of available resources and the long term profitability of logistics management.

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How to optimise your transport

Transport is often one of the main sources of additional costs: poorly optimised, it can lead to empty runs or delays, penalising the entire supply chain and becoming an issue for its profitability.

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How to analyse your situation

Rather than providing you with a partial to-do list, we help you conduct your own analysis by proposing a list of questions to ask yourself to take stock of your current situation.

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Why pallet pooling with LPR can reduce your costs

Working with LPR has many advantages, including helping you to reduce your logistics costs. In this guide, you'll find out how pallet pooling can help you optimise your supply chain.

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