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Our range of pallets

A good supply chain cannot function without good pallets. Find the right pallet for your supply chain now.

Make the right choice for your business

We offer a range of pallets perfectly designed to meet the needs of FMCG manufacturers and accepted by all major European retailers. Choose the best format for your supply chain.

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Optimal pallet quality

To make life easier for our customers, LPR only provides pallets that have been produced in accordance with our high quality standards. In addition, each pallet is systematically inspected after each use to assess its condition and, if necessary, to repair it before putting it back into circulation.

4 entry
Perfectly compatible

Our pallets are compatible with all standard handling equipment due to their four way entry.

Groupe 388
Easy to identify

LPR pallets are easily identified by their red paint.

Groupe 389
PEFC certified

The wood used to produce our pallets comes from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.

shining pallet
Inspected and repaired

Each pallet is inspected and repaired after each use in accordance with applicable LPR quality standards.

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Using our red pallets can have measurable, positive effects on your supply chain.

Find out how

Reduce your costs

By renting our pallets, you save on the costs of replacing lost or damaged pallets. What is more, thanks to our shared resource management, you also save on transport costs by taking advantage of our optimised flow management!

Reduce your supply chain costs

Save time

Save time by handing the management of your flows to LPR. Thanks to the centralisation of all your pallet-related activities on our MyLPR tool, you will find all the information you need in just one click.

Save time

Take advantage of the availability of our pallets

With LPR, order when you want and have them delivered to the address of your choice. Ensure the continuity of your supply chain.

Ensure the continuity of my supply chain

Choose an automated supply chain

Our red pallets are supplied ready to be used in automated systems: their dimensions comply with FMCG sector requirements and are widely accepted by all the main retailers.

Opt for an automated supply chain

Why choose LPR’s industry leading pallets?

It would be understandable if you were to make the assumption that all wooden pallets are the same, after all, they are a pallet made of wood, so what makes LPR’s pallet’s industry leading?

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Pallet FAQs

Here you will find all the answers to questions you may have about LPR's red pallets.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

What type of materials do you use to build your pallets ?

We have acquired PEFC certification and have therefore implemented a rigorous chain of custody to ensure that the wood for our wooden pallets comes from forests that are managed ‘sustainably’. By choosing a high quality timber, pallet durability is improved and sections of components parts can be optimized to meet source reduction and loading capacity requirements. In addition, nails design and a nailing plan are selected to obtain efficient performance and thus limit pallet damage during its lifetime. Nails (non-alloy steel) comply with relevant European regulations. Our plastic pallets are made from virgin polypropylene and recycled polyproprylene.

Is it safe for the integrity of my products to reuse pallets that have already been used before ?

Our pallets are reserved strictly for the FMCG sector, in order to avoid any risk of contamination. LPR’s pallets components, when applicable, are selected and controlled to be safe for use within the food and drinks manufacturing and distribution industry. Nevertheless, the pallet is a tertiary packaging. By definition it is not intended to come into direct contact with goods (in particular unpacked foodstuffs) and does not have conditions to preserve products as applicable to primary or secondary packaging. In addition, to guarantee customers a constant supply of quality standards, pallets are sorted out after each rotation, inspected and repaired when required (timber, spare parts from agreed LPR sawmills and suppliers) by LPR Service Centers according to LPR technical specifications.

Is the red color safe for the integrity of my products ?

The red colour results from a water-based red paint applied on all sides of the palette. To ensure paint quality, LPR authorises the purchase of paint from its service providers and manufacturers only from approved suppliers and on specific product references. Moreover the paint has been selected to be safe for use within the food and drinks industry.

Are your pallets compatible with my production line ?

We offer standardized pallets compatible with most food & drink manufacturing and distribution. Our pallets are suitable for all types of production lines and handling equipment. They are also fully compatible with all automated systems.

Are your pallets IPSM15 compliant ?

Upon request, LPR can deliver pallets treated in compliance with the ISPM15 and the related laws applicable in the country of delivery. Only the pallets delivered as treated by LPR to the user are guaranteed as compliant with ISPM15 and related laws of the country of delivery, at the time of delivery

Are your pallets accepted by all retailers in Europe ?

Our pallets are accepted by all the main retailers in Europe

What types of pallet do you have ?

Our range of pallet is made of wooden and plastics pallets. Our handling pallets include all format commonly used in the FMCG sector : PR080 80x120 ; UK100 100x120, but also half-pallets 60x100 DP610 and Dusseldorf pallets 60x80. We also propose a display pallet called RQP46 (40x60) suited for instore display building.

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