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Our New Sustainability Report 2022 is available

New Sustainability Report 2022

Sustainability in Motion:
Read our new Sustainability Report

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LPR-La Palette Rouge promises

Our pallet rental services are designed to meet the challenges of the supply chain.


Optimise your costs

Do you want to reduce the costs directly associated with the management of your supply chain, while maintaining the highest quality levels? Our customers are already saving money with our service; see how we can save you money.

Reduce my logistics costs

Save time

At LPR, we know that time is money. That's why we tailor our services to your supply chain saving you both time and money.

Save time

Keep your supply chain moving

To ensure that your supply chain never breaks down, you need continuous access to the resources needed to keep it running. This is exactly what we guarantee with our pallet management and rental service.

Ensure the continuity of my supply chain

Have an automated supply chain

Supply chain automation efficiency is a challenge that many companies are currently facing. Our pallets are specifically designed to fit the vast majority of automated systems and are accepted by all retailers.

Supporting an automated supply chain

Our business: managing your pallet flows

At LPR, our only concern is helping you to optimise your supply chain, improve your services and contribute to your efficiency. Discover how to perfect your supply chain.


Make the right choice for your business

We offer a range of pallets perfectly designed to meet the needs of FMCG manufacturers and accepted by all major European retailers. Choose the best format for your supply chain.

Our range of pallets

Let's work together to create the responsible supply chain of the future

The circular supply chain is at the heart of LPR. Choosing LPR means taking your supply chain to the next environmental level.



About us

LPR is so much more than a red pallet. We are first and foremost a team of experts in logistics services, with a network of service centres and manufacturers throughout Europe. Our common mission: to deliver the best logistics service to our customers.


Ready to transform your supply chain with LPR?

Let us help you find the best solution for your business.

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