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Take control of
your pallet flows

Thanks to MyLPR, ordering, receiving and tracking your pallets has never been easier.

MyLPR functionality

MyLPR will quickly become your favourite workflow tool. We have worked closely with our customers to produce the most comprehensive and accessible computerised remote pallet management system.

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Enjoy a simple and intuitive interface

Our MyLPR application has been designed to give you easy access to the most important functionality, activities and reporting for your supply chain. Don't waste time on obsolete or overly complex computerised systems.


Simply order according to your needs

The MyLPR portal makes ordering the pallets you need quick and simple. Select your delivery location and take advantage of LPR's optimised logistics services.

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Follow the progress of your deliveries

MyLPR allows you to track orders placed on the portal, allowing you to anticipate your supply chain activity.

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Access your invoices at any time

From your MyLPR portal, you can download invoices at any time, avoiding the need to sort and store numerous paper invoices.


Optimise your business with our detailed reports

MyLPR provides you with activity reports, including the wide range of statistics needed to monitor the performance of your business: contracts, orders, pallets stocks, dwell time (pallet time on site) and much more.


Our MyLPR portal is more than just a tool: it is your preferred logistics partner, enabling you to achieve a high level of autonomy in your flow management.

Save management time

Our MyLPR portal is more than just a tool: it is your preferred logistics partner, enabling you to achieve a high level of autonomy in your flow management.

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Centralise your flows

You will never again have to worry about losing information relating to one of your deliveries: it is centralised on your portal, allowing you to access key information in seconds.

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Optimise your logistics

Thanks to the numerous statistics available on the MyLPR portal, you can use the data to improve your processes at a time to suit you.


Data, the key to a cost effective supply chain

FAQs about MyLPR

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions on our portal. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

What is MyLPR?

MyLPR is the LPR customer online portal, accessible 24/7.

Can I order pallets using MyLPR?

Yes, you can order your pallets via the MyLPR web portal.

What information do I have access to via MyLPR?

You can manage all your LPR pallet activities using the portal, including ordering your pallets, tracking your stocks, viewing and downloading your invoices and accessing your reports.

How is my data processed on MyLPR?

You data is processed in accordance with current regulations established by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your data is processed securely with LPR.

Is MyLPR a paid add-on service?

There is no additional fee for using MyLPR. It is a service included in our pallet rental and management services

How do I access MyLPR?

Once you are a customer, you will receive your login details to connect to the platform. If you still do not have your access, you can contact your account manager.

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