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Why choose
pallet pooling?

LPR offers you a pallet pool management solution to optimise your supply chain. If you are not yet using a pooling service, discover how the LPR solution leads to logistics efficiencies.

Advantages of pallet pooling

Many of the logistics problems faced by those using non-pooled pallets could have been avoided by opting for a pallet pooling solution. Based on our experiences of the food industry, we have compiled a list of the main challenges faced when managing your pallet pool yourself.


Logistics management costs are too high

Our pallet rental-management system allows you to optimise costs for pallet transport by reducing the number of empty miles and by sharing routes.

LPR 07-2018 Loaded Truck

Time lost managing
your fleet

Pallet pooling simplifies the logistics of your pallet flows: use our MyLPR online portal to order the pallets you need to transport your goods and manage your shipments.


Difficult supply chain automation

By choosing LPR to manage your pallet supply, you gain access to a pool of pallets that is compatible with all automated supply chains. Our team of experts is available to advise you on the use of our pallets in your automated systems.


The necessary resources are not available

Our logistics infrastructure allows us to supply you with pallets to suit your supply chain needs. In 2022, we completed 118 million pallet movements for our customers.

How does pallet pooling work?

Discover how you can take advantage of LPR's optimised flow management solution for your supply chain

The number one advantage of our pooling system is our high-quality, durable pallets

Pallets are at the very heart of the supply chain, which is why at LPR, we pay very close attention to the quality of our pallets. They are more hard-wearing and economical than conventional pallets.

Groupe 389
PEFC certified

The wood used to produce our pallets comes from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.

shining pallet
Inspected and repaired

Each pallet is inspected and repaired after each use in accordance with strict quality standards.

4 entry
Always compatible

Our pallets are compatible with all standard handling equipment thanks to their 4 way entry.

Groupe 388
Easily identifiable

LPR pallets are easily identified by their red paint.


Like Sofidel, don't suffer from stock shortages thanks to pallet pooling

Thanks to LPR and pallet pooling, Sofidel was able to maintain its activity during the COVID-19 health crisis despite a sharp increase in demand for its products. Find out how pallet pooling can meet your pallet availability needs in our case study.

Are you still wondering if pallet pooling is for you?

Let's discuss how we can help you to optimise your supply chain.

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