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How can you effectively reduce your supply chain costs ?

Find out how to reduce your logistics costs by outsourcing your pallet management.


Not all savings are equal!

As a supply chain professional, you're aware of the importance of optimising every cost item. However, cost optimisation must be considered as a whole and take into account all the hidden costs which are the true pitfalls of your logistics optimisation.

Cutting corners on pallet quality leads to breakage, line stoppages, more frequent re-purchases, and a total cost that's much higher than the initial savings. Streamlining your supply chain therefore requires considering logistics as a whole.

Here we explain how to reduce supply chain costs intelligently, without compromising overall performance.

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Many variables make it possible to influence your total supply chain costs.
Discover the keys to streamlining your logistics.

pallet cycle
Optimise resource use

There’s a very close relationship between resource use and long-term profitability. Similarly, it’s not always worthwhile to use disposable resources. Are all your resources available when needed? Are they reusable or repairable?

Centralise and schedule operations

Having a global view of your operations allows you to better match available resources with operational needs. The slightest mistake can cost you time and money. Do you have a centralised system you can use to converge this data?

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Streamline transportation strategy

A profitable supply chain is first and foremost one that minimises transport while delivering required resources to the right place at the right time. Are your routes optimised to reduce empty runs?

Our solutions to reduce your logistics costs

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Rent your pallets using pallet pooling

Don't buy, rent! Our 100% outsourced pallet rental and management service allows you to benefit from the best quality pallets while optimising your cash flow. Focus on your core business while we take care of the rest.


Choose reusable pallets

By systematically inspecting our pallets and repairing them if necessary, we guarantee a longer life cycle for the resources we provide to our customers and better pallet quality. The average service life of an LPR pallet is 5 years.

COLLECT pallets

Take advantage of our
route optimisation

In addition to systematically delivering our pallets on time, we make sure our shared transport doesn’t run empty and we promote the interoperability of means of transport, in particular using road-rail. This rationalisation makes significant fuel and transport cost savings possible, in addition to being good for the planet!


Control your pallet flow using our MyLPR web portal

You can use MyLPR to manage all your pallet orders and deliveries from a single web portal. Simply order online and let LPR do the rest. In addition to being stored in your personal space, all your invoices are presented legibly and without hidden costs: you know exactly what you’re paying for.

By choosing the best suppliers, you invest in your supply chain’s long-term cost effectiveness. In other words, responsive and flexible suppliers, able to deliver the best products at the best price to the right place at the right time.

Use our detailed guide to reduce your supply chain costs

We identify the logistics management direct and indirect costs together to help you save money.

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