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PR080: wooden pallet 800 x 1200mm

A general purpose pallet specially adapted to automated production, storage and handling systems


Groupe 385
Always compatible

Our pallets are compatible with all standard handling equipment thanks to their four way entry.

Groupe 388
Simple identification

LPR pallets are easily identified by their red paint.

Groupe 389
PEFC certified

The wood used to produce our pallets comes from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.

Groupe 387
Inspected and repaired

Each pallet is inspected and repaired after each use in accordance with LPR quality standards.

wooden pallet


Length (L)

1200 ±10 mm

Width (W)

800 ±10 mm

Height (H)

144 ±10 mm

Average weight

25 Kg

Nominal load

1000 Kg


3 soles, 4 entries

(EU Decision 129/97/EC & Italian Decree n. 116/2020)

Wood - FOR 50

What will we bring to your supply chain?

save money
Reduce your supply chain costs

Thanks to pallet pooling, you can rent your pallets instead of buying them and let LPR optimise your transport routes.

Optimize your management time

Don't waste time centralising your pallet flows, LPR will take care of it for you thanks to its dedicated internet portal: MyLPR.

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Ensure the continuity of
your supply chain

The resources needed for your supply chain activity are delivered when and where you need them. Say hello to stock continuity.

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Take advantage of pallets designed for automation

Our range of pallets are offered in a number of sizes and configurations to work with your automated supply chain systems.

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