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Why choose LPR’s industry leading pallets?

Samantha Dennis published on 14 December 2021

It would be understandable if you were to make the assumption that all wooden pallets are the same, after all, they are a pallet made of wood, so what makes LPR’s pallet’s industry leading?

LPR – La Palette Rouge, is Europe’s leading FMCG specialist pallet pooling business operating across Europe. It is renowned for the quality of its pallets and for its customer service. What makes LPR wooden pallets the best in the market?

LPR’s industry leading pallet quality

Made of PEFC certified wood, durable, consistent in both quality and dimensions, and a bespoke nailing system which works to keep the pallet blocks secure, LPR is constantly working to improve its wooden pallets. As a pallet supplier, it is also working to utilise the latest technological developments. Better pallet traceability improves quality. This technology is now part its operation. This benefits LPR’s customers and their customers, hauliers and partners.

Additionally, LPR pallets are subjected to rigorous inspection and repair specifications and wood used for repairs is only used from PEFC sustainable sources.

Finally, LPR uses a nail designed to add structural rigidity and strength to its pallets, in a prescribed nail pattern, which has been found to add significantly to the safety of loaded pallets – particularly those in high bay racking.

This level of attention to detail means LPR pallets are not only industry leading, but they are also the best for automation.

LPR focuses on FMCG sector

By operating only in the FMCG sector, LPR is able to ensure that its pallets – recognisable by their brilliant red colour – are free from the contamination often seen on pallets, including oil, paint and other industrial products.

These five pallet types allow LPR to service the requirements of the FMCG sector. These pallets have been carefully selected to ensure acceptance by all of the major retailers across Europe. Specific sectors include:

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Fresh produce
  • Hygiene

A pallet for every use

LPR offers its pallets in five configurations:

LPR – agile and responsive to market changes

One of the biggest challenges of 2020 was as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic changed the way that we think about safety and compliance in the sector, so It was heartening and reassuring to see the research carried out by the respected Institut für Holztechnologie Dresden (IHD) which identified that wooden pallets offered over 13 times higher levels of antibacterial activity than plastic pallets.

All of LPR’s pallets offer a high level of protection against pests and contamination. Pallets are tested to ensure that they meet the ISO8600 1-2-3 Standard throughout their lifecycle.

LPR offers the best in customer service

Working with LPR is simple, flexible and hassle free. All customers at LPR have a dedicated customer account manager as well as access to its proprietary software MyLPR.

MyLPR is a one stop shop for placing orders, accessing invoices, declaring pallet locations and for running reports. All of these activities can be carried out at a time to suit you and your business.

LPR’s service centres are located across Europe which means that it has the ability to act on local issues quickly and efficiently and its customers are able to take advantage of experienced employees who have received in-depth inhouse training. This know-how and expertise allows them to add real value to its customers. Each location forms part of a European structure, collaborating across borders, and indeed, across Europe.

LPR has carefully selected its service centre locations to ensure that it is always close to its customers and their partners.

LPR is an industry leader in CSR too!

A focus on locality also means that LPR is able to optimise its transport flows leading to fewer empty truck miles and a reduction in Co2. LPR has refocused its objective to reduce its Greenhouse Gas emissions and has set itself the goal of reducing its carbon footprint by 20%.

As a business whose primary product is made of wood, sustainability, reverse logistics, local purchasing and adaptation of the business – as well as reforestation are key priorities for LPR.

LPR works with you to control your pallet costs enabling your business to remain competitive.

How is LPR able to provide its industry leading quality pallets at a competitive price?
Because it focusses on the FMCG sector it is able to optimise costs. LPR’s pallet pool covers 90% of the continent.

LPR’s specialist experience in the pallet pooling sector means that it really understands its customers and their requirements. LPR is able to adapt to your business requirements and offers a pallet logistics management solution, both in terms of product, and of course service.

Due to its European coverage, LPR is able to offer the best pallets for transport, delivery and distribution. LPR wooden pallets are accepted by all major European retailers.


Want to work with a pallet pooling business that offers industry leading pallet quality, customer service and support, at a competitive price? Contact us to hear how it can help you boost the efficiency of your supply chain!
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