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Talking Leadership for National Leaders Day

Samantha Dennis published on 21 February 2022

To mark the inaugural National Leadership Day on 20th February 2022, we took the opportunity to understand what ‘leadership’ means to some of our colleagues at LPR UK & Ireland.

We asked three members of the UK Senior Management Team (Adrian Fleming, Diane Carroll and Andrew Diston) to be the interviewers, and three of our colleagues (Allisha Andrews, Michelle Chaffin and Sarah Cleeton) to be the interviewees.

The point of the interviews (which really were more like chats) was to spend some quality time understanding what leadership means to different people, how leaders inspire, teach and support, and what people had learned from exceptional leaders in their past or present.

Sitting down afterwards and reviewing the interviews, the one thing that absolutely stood out to me was that all three of our wonderful interviewees had said that those that inspired them the most had been strong women in their lives.

Allisha's inspirational leader was fearless

Allisha said that her inspirational leader not only led by example, but that she was completely fearless; committed and passionate about what she wanted to achieve – returning to university as a mature student to retrain as a nurse.

Allisha said it best when she said:

I learned that you should keep pushing yourself - to do something that scares you …to try new things and fail, because you can always try again.

Adrian said, after speaking with Allisha, “I was incredibly impressed that Allisha has chosen her own path, making both smart and courageous decisions – I don’t think that Allisha realises that her team have an inspirational leader working with them”.

Allisha & Adrian
For Michelle, her mum was her most inspirational leader

Michelle said that her most inspirational leader was her own mum. Michelle’s mum led by example, working hard, and never asking anyone to do anything that she wasn’t willing to do herself. As a result, she had a team that respected her and would do anything that she asked of them. Michelle’s comment:

She appreciated everything that everyone did – from the person that cleaned the toilet, to those leading the business at the top. She valued everyone.

Diane asked Michelle if she thought LPR has a culture where the leaders have a similar ethos to her mum and Michelle replied

I think that goes a long way for people coming into the business and those that have been in the business for years – you can see it – that everyone is valued and has a place here.

Diane & Michelle

Sarah always worked with brilliant and inspiring women

Andrew Diston had the honour of interviewing Sarah Cleeton. When asked which attributes leaders have that inspire her, Sarah said:

When I was younger, I worked alongside a team of very tenacious women at a law firm, and since then I’ve worked with some wonderful, brilliant and inspiring women.… being surrounded by ladies like these has taught me to have a bit more grace and wit, and to be more patient when dealing with difficult people and situations.

Sarah & Andrew

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